Industries Served

SA Camp has decades of experience working with agriculture, municipalities and industry. We can easily adjust our services to meet the needs of your project. For example, we work with farmers and ranchers who know the amount of water they need and want someone to do all the rest. Additionally, we partner with municipalities who have a complete plan and are looking for a company to execute it.

Water Well Service

Well Drilling – Drilling a well is a large undertaking and it is of supreme importance to do the job right the first time. Our technicians have decades of experience and have drilled many hundreds of wells in Central and Southern California.

To drill a new well, our representatives will first meet with you to determine your water needs. After careful examination of the particular geology of your land, we will agree on the best location for your well. We work with your local energy provider to supply the needed electricity for the pumps or our electricians will add new pull lines for the project. All permitting requirements are handled by our representatives, thereby reducing the amount of red tape you have to deal with. Once we begin drilling, it will take between four days and two weeks to complete the installment, depending on your local terrain.

It is important to note that we develop new wells ourselves. We will test your pump and develop it for 24 hours. Our technicians do not pack up and leave until water is running to your taps, to your livestock or your crops.

Well Repair – When the water you need is not flowing, it’s a problem. Our dispatchers have a lifetime of experience in this field and they know how to prioritize resources to deal with emergency situations. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we will not leave until it is fixed.

In a situation that is not an emergency, but a pump is not delivering water like it should, our service technicians use the latest in downhole video imaging to assess the situation. We also pull up the pump to evaluate it. By doing this we get an accurate understanding of the problem so that we can give you a detailed quote for the cost of the repairs.

Well Abandonment – An out-of-service well poses potential safety hazards and can threaten ground water quality. When SA Camp abandons a well on your property you can be certain that it will be done right with minimum hassle for you.


We buy the best pumps in the business, but even the best pumps need a good electrician for installation and repair. We employ four full-time, certified electricians who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the installation and maintenance of pumps. All broken pump panels are repaired or rebuilt in-house.

Pipeline Work

Our pipeline division handles all manner of underground jobs. We do custom dozer work and PVC installation and repairs. Whether you have a small leak or a major blow-out, our pipeline department has the capacity to fix it.

Reservoir Installation – A reservoir increases your water security and allows you to use your water flexibly. As regions become increasingly drier, reservoirs are a good option for effectively managing your water supply. SA Camp offers both earthen and poly lined reservoirs to maximize water catchment and reduce seepage.

Machine Shop

With multiple lathes and over 50 years combined experience, our machinists can make any part you need, even parts for obsolete pumps.